Pig Bladder Clouds in Rainforest (2011)

Doo Sung Yoo’s MFA Final Art Project was shown at the Urban Arts Space in downtown Columbus, Ohio. His art was inspired by Andy Warhol’s cloud installations used in Merce Cunningham’s Rainforest. I collaborated with many dancers, some from OSU, to create an improvisational score inspired by Rainforest, and by the surreal atmosphere we found ourselves in. Doo Sung has some pretty shocking art installation projects, you can see more of his work here.

Cullanete Bloom designed and constructed the costumes for Doo Sung’s project, and this past September, she asked me to model her costumes. We did this a photo shoot with Matt Reese, and Jefferey did amazing makeup and hair! I got to collaborate with these artists from various fields, there was a refreshing energy the whole day as we all worked together to create the images. Here are some of the shots we got, mixed in with some behind the scenes pictures. You can see more of Cullanete’s work here.

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  1. This is quite extraordinary and very creative! Thank you for sharing!

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