Positive Feedback

This is a note of thanks from Ava Untermeyer. Ava danced in the most recent piece I choreographed, Luminata, which took place under a Viaduct in West Harlem. Check out the video of the piece here. Working with Ava was extremely enriching, and this note she wrote is so lovely I had to share it here:

Hi Ellen,
I just wanted to thank you for the  ‘Luminata’ experience. The piece celebrated an often neglected area with movement and color – literally illuminating the space. Through this process, ‘Luminata’ embraced those who live around the viaduct around as similarly flowing with brightness. I am honored to have participated in a work that ignites the inner light of a community.
I am further grateful for working with such a positive force of collaborators. With each rehearsal, I increasingly appreciated the giving approach that you bring to your work. Its rare to find an individual whom is consistently available to both touching and listening as they create. This caring mentality is reflected in your overflowing but sensitive movement that is so satisfying to experience.
Once again, thanks for the journey. I look forward to our future moments together.
With so much love,


This is a letter from Jim. I choreographed a dance for him and his beautiful wife Julia to dance as their first dance at their wedding. This was a very new experience to me, I haven’t choreographed or taught many duets. I learned a lot about teaching. It was an enriching and fulfilling experience for me to work with two people so in love, and to contribute to the milestone in their life.

It was an absolute delight working with Ellen! We wanted to come up with something original for our wedding dance, but we didn’t have the skills or training to do it ourselves. Ellen choreographed a full dance for the song we chose, and worked with us every step of the way to teach it to us. She worked with us to come up with something at our level and exactly in the spirit of what we were hoping for. It was a wonderful experience, and I never enjoyed dancing more! The result was perfect– the reaction from our guests was enthusiastically positive and we had a lot of fun doing it. The whole experience was one of the highlights of our wedding planning and the ceremony itself. I would definitely recommend Ellen. She is talented, patient, hard-working, and willing to work with you to come up with something you are happy with. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without her!

– Jim Wood

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