Parting 6

Parting 6 is a video adaptation of a modern dance piece for stage choreographed by Serena Chang. I saw the original work in Columbus, Ohio at The Ballet Met Performance Space through The Ohio State University Department of Dance, in February, 2014. I was inspired to create a version of the piece for the screen, and I returned to Ohio in March to shoot the video adaptation at the EMMA lab in newly renovated Sullivant Hall.

Parting 6 premiered at the Third Coast Dance Film Festival 2014 in Houston, Texas, where it became “Spirit of the Festival Award Winner”.

Spirit of the Third Coast Award 2014 White (1)

video adaptation and sound: Ellen Maynard
choreography: Serena Chang
performance: Lily Hane, Tadas Varaneckas, Tim Bendernagel, Mel Mark, Maddie Tiberi, Dani Fishman

Filmed at The Ohio State University EMMA LAB
Thank you to The Ohio State University Department of Dance and the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design

Video Adaptation


Original Piece for Stage


  1. Ellen, Loved your award winning dance film. Parting 6. Thanks for sending it. Congratulations. Love,

    Mom PS I will show it to dad.

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