First Performances in New York!


I haven’t updated since my big move across the country, to Brooklyn. I have been doing a crazy dance daily just to keep my footing in this city. I am thrilled to be living amongst many artists and dancers from all over the world- & I get to live with three of those artists in my own home!

I am excited to share with you that I have already performed two pieces that I felt a strong commitment. The first one was part of the East Village Dance Collective’s show: “The Shell Shocked Nut.” I danced in a piece by Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance. I cherished the experience because the Warehouse dancers got to create movement and dance with young dancers from the East Village Dance Collective. Plus I got to dance as a grannie on stage with my best grannie friend- Maddie Irmen! Our New York debut!

The second performance I was a part of is Quentin Burley’s premiere work in NY, it is a duet titled “Mermaiding on the Rug.” We showed the piece as a work in progress at Wax Works, which takes place at Triskelion Arts, in Williamsburg. I am honored to be dancing in Quentin’s piece with Madeline Irmen, and dancing to an original sound score by Kristen Coburn. Watch the video below.

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