Video Internship at Bates Dance Festival 2013

I just got back from Bates Dance Festival, it was my first summer there and I can tell it won’t be my last!

I danced with an incredible community in Daniel Charon’s class and Kathleen Hermesdorf’s class… and I got to rock out every day to Albert Mathias playing live!

Here I am with my beloved video peeps: Peter, Virginia, Lindsay, and Julia.


We created a lot of content for the BDF Youtube page

I made this new promo for Bates Dance Festival, take a look!


  1. Aunt Ciney

    Ellen, you are so talented! Thanks for posting this so I could get a little flavor of what you have been doing this summer. Keep rockin’ it, Girl!

  2. Aunt Cindy

    Oops, Aunt CinDy

  3. Aunt Paula

    Ellen, This is your Aunt who can spell her own name. I’m also glad you post things like this so we can glimpse your world. Love what you do and love your talent!

  4. haha!

    Thank you Aunt Cindy and Aunt Paula! I am so thankful to feel your support and love, even from far away!

  5. norah zuniga

    Hi Ellen, so glad you had a great time at Bates! What are you up to now? Your blog is a great example for the seniors for creating their ePortfolios so we’re having them all look at it this week! You’ll like the stats. 🙂 Warm wishes, Norah

    • Hi Nora!

      Thank you for the comment, I hope my blog was helpful for the senior sem class. I know it is helpful for me to keep track of projects I have been in and reflect on what I want to do more of. Next up for me is the big move to Brooklyn, NY with Maddie and Quentin! We just signed a lease on a place and I will be moving there mid October. First stop is Columbus though, so keep an eye out, I will be around from October 10-15! =D

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