Performance: Unplugged


I am performing in the Winter Concert at The Ohio State University this weekend. The show is made up of original student choreography, and the performance was designed and advertised in large part by the choreographers. The show is titled Unplugged, which alludes to the non-traditional performance space we are using: a gymnasium on the third floor of an old university building. It was a group effort to create an ambiance in this space, and I really think we worked together to come up with innovative solutions. We performed in the round (audience on all sides) and used the gym lighting, as well as other light sources like flash lights, glass lanterns, and even a projector. I felt a strong connection between the work we had done in rehearsal and the performance, because we were performing for the audience in the exact space that we had rehearsed in. It felt like we had invited them into our world. It was a great rush to dance tonight, and I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! Here is the performance, streamed LIVE in full! The two dances I am in start at 34:25 and 1:15:25, but I recommend watching the entire show, there is some really great stuff!

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